Annapolis Valley Luffa Small Whole Luffa

Product Description

Brand: Annapolis Valley Luffa


We believe in the environmental achievements of the luffa plant, from its growing process to its ultimate use in Canadians’ lives.

The possibilities for good in terms of luffa gourd are varied, many and significant. Luffa (loofa, loofah) sponge is the poster child for zero – waste and sustainability.  It is a semi-tropical member of the cucurbit family that is grown for its fibre. This naturally formed fibre is luxurious on your body, known to increase blood circulation, clean your pores and refresh your skin. No need to compromise sustainability for luxury.

Caring for your Luffa

Please allow luffa to dry thoroughly after each use.

Also, you may sanitize with boiling water, steam, hang outside in sun (high UV day), use hydrogen peroxide, a mild vinegar and water, or even bleach solution.

Luffa is dishwasher safe.

When used in the kitchen luffa does not harbour odor like a dishcloth.

Annapolis Valley Luffa is happy to be growing to twice the production this year!