Annapolis Valley Luffa Multi Scrubber

Product Description

Brand: Annapolis Valley Luffa


5″x5″ Multi-Scrubber

This multi-scrubber is a piece of Luffa cut open to be flat. Now you have the familiar feel of a cloth in your hand that is pleasingly utilitarian. We love this form as a dish cloth.

With no plastic bits going down the drain!

These vary widely in density. All fibers will become soft when submersed in hot water, and can be used on your body as a face cloth.The more dense ones are also very good in the kitchen as a dish cloth / pot scrubber. Good for all your dishes and no-scratch cookware.

Care : Hang to dry after use.

When you feel it is time to retire your luffa, it is fully compostable. However in a plight for Zero-Waste, you can step down your luffa to clean appliances in your garage, use as a painting medium for texture, put seeds and soil on top and you have a seed starter strip. These are a few ways to get the most out of your Luffa.