1000+ Stain Remover

Product Description

Brand: Niagara Mist Marketing

  • Not just an ordinary cleaning product – it’s the World’s Most Versatile Cleaning Solution because it’s strong as a solvent, yet gentle as soap! Remove grime of all sorts from both hard surfaces (such as floors, walls, decks) and soft surfaces (such as carpets, upholstery and fabric).
  • Incredible value – Concentrated - Makes up to 20 bottles of multi-purpose spray cleaner per quart (1L). Either use full strength for stain removal, or mix with water into spray bottle or bucket to become super affordable multi-purpose solution all over the home, office or in industry; indoors and even outdoors (hot tub covers, patio furniture, awnings, decks, siding, BBQ, lawnmower, shed, landscaping rockery, etc).
  • USDA Certified as BioPreferred. Kind to skin (no gloves required). Safe in homes with pets and children.
  • It’s the clean-up solution of the pro’s, and DIYer’s too! Mechanics, contractors, painters, plumbers, roofers janitorial AND householders, fashion models, artists, crafters, beauty salons, hospitality activity (catering & restaurants, hotels) and more.
  • You’ll never run out of uses! Great in and around cars, RV’s, campers, garages, households, offices, warehouses, industry, on hard surfaces like equipment, floors, cafeteria & kitchen, restroom AND soft surfaces like carpet, clothing, upholstery, laundry booster and so much more. Too many uses to describe in a single list. 1000+ keeps on delivering clean-up results and stress relief. It’s the “Reach for it First” solution when spill mishaps and messes occur. Are you prepared? Have 1000+ Stain Remover ready to save the day!
  • $12.99