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Mrs. Greenway's Christmas Shopping Guide 0

Putting together a good Christmas list is difficult to say the least. Everyone has different tastes, lifestyles, needs, and wants, making it near impossible to come up with ideas that all your gift recipients will appreciate.
That's why we've put together a little cheat sheet for you to use when Christmas shopping at Mrs. Greenway. These are gifts that we suggest over and over again to anxious shoppers who are completely stumped with all the options and the long list of people they still need to find something for.


Gift for Kids:

No matter which life stage you are in, there is always a kid of two to shop for. Some Christmas lists can have dozens! If you're looking to get a cute outfit,  a great place to start is the Montreal-made Elektrik Kidz collection. From sleepers, onesies, hats and gloves, there are many unique, adorable pieces that you won't find anywhere else. Another Canadian brand is WeeUrban, which makes especially cute sleep sacks, a cross between a sleeping bag and a blanket.

Some seasonal favourites are the quirky Solemate socks which come in odd-numbered packs as well as Toronto-made Mimitens, a line of all-weather gloves, booties, and hats! These are super high quality and very practical, meaning that both the parents and the kids will love your gift.

solemate socks
If you are going abroad for Christmas or want to get a meaningful gift that you'll send to family far from you, why not choose the quintessential Canadian clothing item: the moccasin. Minimoc hand makes these natural leather shoes in their Canadian studio and they come in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes. They are a best-seller and much loved by all who have them.

Toys are always a Christmas staple for children, but we all struggle with finding toys that are smart, good quality, and will stand the test of time. We love showing off the beautiful wooden toys we carry from companies like Plan Toys and Hape Toys. However, these aren't the toys that we remember from our childhood- they're even better!

Plan B Toys
Hape Toys
For older kids or ones that like to craft, we recommend Kiss Natural Kits. This Canadian made line presents DIY natural cosmetics kits that allow kids to make their own lip balms, hair chalk, soap, and more! Now that's cool!


Gifts for Her:

Our store is full of great gifts for all the women on your Christmas list. From cute Pixie Mood purses and wallets, to lip balms and soaps, you'll be able to find something for all your friends, treasured teachers, and more. Preloved scarves, leg warmers, and mittens have been especially popular since the weather has turned. This company makes all their products from recycled clothing, meaning that every piece is one of a kind and sustainable.

pixie mood purses
preloved mitts

preloved scarf
Also see our different themed Gift Baskets for beautiful (and useful) hostess gifts, easy presents for those ladies who are difficult to buy for, and even as self-care pampering packages (we all need it after all this crazy shopping!)


Gifts for Him:

Though this might not be your go-to destination for the men on your list, we might surprise you with the good value of our Gentlemen's Gift Basket. It's full of essentials that men keep buying over and over again. Oh, and is your friend trying to compete with Santa for best beard? Ask to see our beard care products, he'll love them!


Mom & Grandma:

Moms and Grandmas have important and draining jobs for which they don't get enough thanks. This is the time of year to show them that you value them and their role in the family. Spoil them with scented candles, their favourite lotions, and bath salts. Picture a spa and give them all the ingredients that will allow them to pamper themselves at home on a regular basis.


The Eco-Warrior:

We all have a friend that is a self-proclaimed Eco-warrior. Sometimes it's difficult to buy for a person like this because you don't want to get anything "chemically" or unsustainable, or even worse, something that they will see as useless and wasteful. Hit the bulls eye with a gift of Ulat Dryer Balls and all-natural laundry soap. It's consumable, sustainable, refillable, and saves electricity. We told you it's perfect!


The Personal Trainer:

Give your personal trainer a S'well bottle for Christmas this year. It's high quality, will keep their beverages the temperature they want,  and they're beautiful. They come in all different sizes and patterns, so choose one that suits their style and forget about that box of chocolate you were about to give. They wouldn't want it anyway!

Employees and Colleagues:

We prepared a number of different Gift Baskets that are easy gifts for employees or colleagues at work. From edible treats, to a Spa Set full of holiday-favourite frankincense and myrrh ZUM products, to the Gentlemen's Basket, we're making gifting easy. None of them feel quite right? Our staff will put together and wrap your custom-designed gift basket!

We hope that this list will help you get your Christmas shopping done quickly and easily. And the best part is that you can feel good knowing that your gifts are natural, sustainable, and healthy. That's special.

New Arrivals from the ABC Kids Expo 2016 0

We're back from warm Las Vegas and glad to report that our scouting at the ABC Kids Expo, the greatest in North America, was extremely successful. In addition to seeing many of our current suppliers, we were happy to discover a few new gems that we felt our customers would love as much as we do.


So enough of being secretive, it's time for us to share our favourite new finds that you will be arriving shortly at our stores!


Neat Cheeks

We all know how much kids (and parents!) hate the struggle that comes with wiping a dirty face. That's why we were so happy to discover Neat Cheeks- a way to get clean faces without wiping away the smiles. The wipes are sweetened with stevia, meaning no more strange fragrances or association with baby bum wipes. In addition to the natural and peach flavours that make this product "pop" the wipes contain aloe vera juice and other natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin, but rather sooth and nourished.

 neat cheeks

Baby Soy Clothing

Overwhelmed by the adorable design and unbelievable softness of the Baby Soy line, we knew that it was something that we had to bring back to our Canadian customers. The baby clothing is made with natural soy fiber which keeps those little bodies warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The company owner is actually Canadian and she's ecstatic for her line to enter the Canadian market!

Plan Toys

Sustainability is important to us, and that's why we felt such a strong connection to Plan Toys. From their materials, through their manufacturing and their involvement in their local community, this company is committed whole heartedly to creating a better world. They make the bulk of their toys from rubber trees which no longer produce latex and are directly involved in a reforestation initiative to replant the trees that they have used. These toys are smart, high quality, and part of something bigger than just making a profit.

 plan toys


We hear you, nursing moms! Looking and feeling good while making sure your baby is well fed shouldn't be as hard as it is. So when we stumbled upon Bamboobies, we knew that the products were going to be a hit. From reusable and eco-friendly nursing pads, to seriously stylish clothing options like the nursing shawl and tank top, it's all about you being able to still be you while also having a second job as a milk-producing machine. We're most excited for their nursing yoga bra that they are working on. Can't wait to be able to share it with you!

 bamboobies pads

Manny & Simon Toys

Classic wooden toys are our favorite, and truthfully, they aren't as easy to find as they used to be.  We're looking forward to stocking American-made manny & simon wooden toys in our stores and by extension, your children's playrooms with their heirloom items that will stimulate the imaginations of those that will use them. The company is dedicated to using organic and eco-friendly materials as well as a sustainable production process in their factory.




In addition to these great brands and products that we have discovered at the ABC Kids Expo, we are excited for the all the new winter and Christmas products coming in weekly. From fuzzy socks, mittens, and hats, to tea, toys, candles and gift baskets, Mrs. Greenway will become your go-to store for everyday things and presents for everyone on your list.

7 Steps to a Greener Thanksgiving 0

Eco thanksgiving


There is no better holiday to enjoy in an eco conscious manner than Thanksgiving. In the spirit of gratitude and community, planning a greener Thanksgiving highlights how we treasure the natural beauty of the earth and do our part in preserving it for future generations. By making the effort to keep this holiday green, you don't just do your part, you share the mindset with your family and friends.

 1. Grocery shop responsibly

Preparing your green Thanksgiving starts long before the day itself. When preparing your menu and slowly stocking the products you need for the Thanksgiving feast, keep the "green" switch on in your mind. Instead of buying canned cranberry sauce or choosing boxed stuffing, fill your menu and grocery list with local, seasonal, and organic food. Check out Ontario Farm Fresh for a list of what is in season at this time in Ontario and then hit the local farmers' markets for a fresh selection. Order your   free range, organic bird early from a local producer and enjoy the difference in flavour and quality. If you know that some of your guests are vegetarian or pescatarians, prepare a few other options for them, like steamed trout, tofurkey, or a bean and squash casserole.

2. Decorate with no waste

Autumn is such a beautiful and colorful season, and therefore the perfect inspiration for your Thanksgiving dinner décor. However, instead of wasting paper for cut outs of pumpkins or buying plastic banners, use nature to decorate and set the mood. Hurricane bowls full of chestnuts or acorns give a polished look, while bouquets of sunflowers or colorful leaves bring some rustic allure to the table setting. Instead of printing individual menus for your guests, write the food options on a big chalkboard sign so that everyone can see it.  Save on electricity by illuminating your meal with natural soy candles instead of having the lights switched on. Not only will it look that much more beautiful, you will conserve some energy and set an example for everyone present.

 3. Forget disposables

The temptation to bring out the disposable plates and cups is huge for big events like Thanksgiving, especially if you are expecting a crowd. However, this generates a lot of unnecessary waste which takes a long time to decompose at a dump. So if you do find yourself short on some plates or cutlery, borrow some from a friend or family member so that you don't have to resort to plastic or Styrofoam alternatives.

 4. Keep your drinks green

Most beverages unfortunately come in containers- meaning that if you wanted to be waste free this Thanksgiving, you're in for a challenge. However, there are some creative ways around this problem. Some homemade iced tea or freshly pressed cider are beautiful and healthy beverages that everyone can enjoy and don't forget to serve your tap water in a pitcher with a little bit of lemon for flavour.

 5. Store Smart

One thing to be thankful for, is that virtually every Thanksgiving dinner in Canada results in significant left overs. These can be eaten the next day or frozen for a different time. However, instead of reaching for plastic boxes, cling wrap or a whole roll of aluminum foil, dig in your cupboards for your collection of food storage containers. If you want to give some to your guests as they leave, either label your containers and kindly ask for them to be returned next time you meet, or ask them in advance to bring their own.

 6. Compost Waste

Cooking a big meal like Thanksgiving dinner generates a lot of food waste- carrot tops, potato peels, apple cores, and more. Instead of throwing it all into your garbage bin, compost it. Those of us without the luxury of a yard and compost bin can instead place this waste into our green bins for pick up.

 7. Donate to a Food Bank

While you're enjoying your meal in the company of family and friends, don't forget that there are individuals and families that are not fortunate enough to be able to prepare as elaborate a meal to celebrate this holiday with. While you are picking up the supplies for your feast, add a couple of items that you can donate to the local Food Bank this Thanksgiving.



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope that it will be your best and greenest one yet!