10 Eco-Essentials for a Green Baby Registry

Welcoming new life into the world is a wonderful but big responsibility. This little human will be depending on you for its entire existence: from nourishment, to comfort, safety, and of course that essential loving cuddle. What better way to start this new adventure than by outfitting your home with all the essentials that you need for your new family member? The key is to create a baby registry, specifically a green baby registry, full of all kinds of natural and eco-friendly products.


This is your chance to keep full control over what enters the nursery- no artificial fragrances, products containing harmful chemicals, or itchy nappies. You would be surprised to how relieved your friends will feel, knowing that you don't just approve of, but greatly appreciate the gifts that they buy for baby and you.


But where to start? You can ask some "green" mamas for advice, but in the meantime, use the following list as a guide. It has useful essentials that every mom and newborn will love using and reusing.


1. Reusable Diaper

You'll be saving more than just the planet when you decide to go with reusable diapers. Instead of generating a huge amount of waste over the years, register for cloth or reusable diapers. Choose ones that have two parts: a swappable lining, and an outside component that holds it secure against the infant's legs to guard against leaks. All of the parts are easily washable and are a lot softer and more delicate against soft baby skin than the disposable variety. Oh, and you are definitely going to save money in the long term- believe us.


2. Washcloths

You cannot go far without washcloths, we promise you. You'll end up using them for anything from bath time, diaper changes, feeding sessions, you name it! That's why it's important that you choose to register for washcloths that are not only soft and easy to wash, but are made from natural, organic ingredients.


3. Baby Carrier/Sling

It's hard to move around and get things done when you are holding a baby. That's why having a carrier or a wrap is a great idea for parents who are constantly up to something. You'll be using this a lot, so make sure that you get one that is comfortable both for you and your little bundle of joy. Check the description to see if you can start using it right after birth and can adjust the position to have the child in the back or the front, depending on the situation.


4. Diaper Bag

Yes, as a mom, there is no avoiding the mighty diaper bag. That's why, if you are going to be carrying it around constantly for the next 2 years, you better like it. One way to make sure that you have the functionality and the style that you want is by adding it to your green baby registry! Some details you might want to look for are an insulated bottle holder, waterproof pockets, and compatibility with your stroller.


5. Baby Bathtub

Bathing a newborn must be one of the scariest experiences that a new mum or dad go through. Stay cool and in control of the situation by adding a baby bath tub that you can easily use in your sink! Forget about hard plastic tubs that take up a ton of room and are impossible to store (not to mention unsightly), and opt for a soft foam model that molds to the shape of your sink.


6. Soap and Shampoo

You will be washing your baby often and having a natural and gentle baby soap and shampoo is essential. Many artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals can aggravate sensitive baby skin, so your best bet will be an all-natural, organic product without detergents.


7. Crib Sheets

A baby registry staple is a set of stylish yet soft crib sheets that you'll have no qualms laying your precious bundle on. The fabric should be natural and very breathable, allowing for natural temperature regulation- keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


8. Natural Laundry Soap

With new baby comes lots of laundry. How such a little thing creates the need for those extra loads is beyond us. However, as an eco-mama, you have to be very careful about the kind of laundry soap you use for baby's soiled stuff. Avoid rashes and allergic reactions by adding a gentle, all-natural laundry soap to your green baby registry. If you aren't set on the idea of washing it by hand, make sure it's one that you can use in a normal washing machine.


9. A Little Something for Mama

Remember that baby showers and registries are also about the mom! You're doing something amazing: bring a new life into the world! That's why you should include a little something for yourself: whether that's a gift set including oils for stretchmarks and calming tea, or a cute teething necklace, celebrate the fact that you are becoming a mom, even if it's not your first time at the rodeo!


10. Clothing

Babies, especially newborns, have extra sensitive skin. That's why it's important to register for onesies that are not only cute, but also super soft and breathable. Choose natural fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo that will wash and wear well while remaining super comfortable for the touch. Don't forget to register for a range of sizes so that you will have something to dress your little one in even when he or she gets a little bigger.



Stay on top of what enters your newborn's nursery by being proactive and creating a green baby registry prior to your baby shower or the birth of your little wonder. It will dispell awkward situations and limit the number of unwanted gifts while simultaneously allowing friends, family, and colleagues to help welcome your baby into this beautiful world.


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